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The Breakthrough Recovery Course Series tailored specifically for love addicts.

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"Change occurs when one becomes what he/she is, not when he/she tries to become what he is not"
- A.Beisser-


15 Characteristics of Healthy Love Relationships



  1. Each partner views and accepts the REALITY of who the other person.
  2. Each partner values his/her self and doesn't hide who they are (their reality) with from their partner.
  3. Each partner supports the other partners goals and aspirations in life.
  4. Each partner doesn't rely only on the other to make them happy; they know they can be happy with or without a relationship.
  5. Each partner has his/her own individual interests and friends outside the relationship.
  6. Each partner is honest and communicates congruently which engenders trust for each other.
  7. In healthy love, partners do not try to mind read and assume what the other partner is doing or thinking; they practice healthy and open communication.
  8. Each partner accepts that they won't always feel "in love" and "passion" for each other.
  9. Each partner has healthy internal and external boundaries.
  10. Each partner takes responsibility for their actions or behaviors and takes responsibility in communicating healthy wants and needs in the relationship.
  11. Each partner is open to the others point of view.
  12. When problems arise in the relationship, both partners are open and willing to negotiate and compromise form solutions to the problem.
  13. Each partner talks and behaves in ways that promote the feelings of support, safety and security within the relationship.
  14. Each partner accepts the others right to his/her feelings, wishes, opinions, activities, friends, interests, and beliefs- valuing the other as an individual, not an object.
  15. Verbal and physical threats are never used to manipulate and get needs and wants met.
I've worked with many love addicts who have had countless relationships that were full of nothing but pain and dissappoinmtent. Their relationship history created a belief within that healthy love "isn't really out there, it doesn't exist, and is certainly not possible for me". If you feel this too -- I have a message for you: "don't buy into the lie". The lie that you can't have a happy, fullfilling love relationship is your love addiction talking, period.  Having a healthy, loving, fullfilling love relationship IS possible my friend. A solid, meaningful, focused recovery path will help you break distortions like this one.

Having a Healthy Love Relatiosnhip really is possible.

Break your love addiction and find the love you deserve- take these steps:

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Unravel the intricate dynamics of relationships between the love addict and avoidant
The LOVE ADDICT in Love Addiction, by Jim Hall, MS

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Learn the essentials of starting a healthy road to breaking your dependency...
GATEWAY to Recovery: The Beginners Recovery Book For Love Addicts

Overcome painful obsessive symptoms of withdrawal...
SURVIVING WITHDRAWAL: The Break Up Workbook for Love Addicts


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