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Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts




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love addiction

The Breakthrough Recovery Course Series tailored specifically for love addicts.

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Discover Essential  Strategies, Insights Unique to Your situation- become empowered, find your inner-strength, feel better & Free Yourself from Addictive Loving

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"Change occurs when one becomes what he/she is, not when he/she tries to become what he is not"
- A.Beisser-


Hi. I'm Jim.
MS, Love Addiction Specialist, Author

I launched Love Addiction Help – this relationship/healing site – in 2009, while I was still working a regular 9-to-5 job as a therapist. I decided to combine my personal and professional experience to help people effectively overcome love & relationship addiction.
Little did I know that I’d quit my job to do this work full-time less than 2 years later!

If you’re looking for solutions, insights, and tools to successfully heal and overcome your love addiction, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Am I Addicted To Love?

Awareness is the first step to change

Awareness is the first step to change

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Love Addiction Help (phone/online)

Love Addiction Help (phone/online)

For years, I experienced the toxic and painful patterns of Love Addiction in my own relationships. Today, I specialize in helping people fix, heal, and recover the destructive cycles of Love Addiction. I know what most Counselors, Therapists, and Psychologists do not … What it takes to Recover and Break the patterns of Addictive Love Relationships!  Jumpstart your healing now! (no matter where you live) - Learn more about Love Addiction Coaching 

The one & only therapeutic workbook tailored for love addicts withdrawing from an addictive relationship. 

Learn more about  Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts

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Join the Love Addict Recovery Newsletter for tools, tips, articles, and more!

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In GATEWAY to RECOVERY, Start your path to break free from love addiction-- get the practical tools and strategies essential for successful and long-lasting recovery.
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Online Love Addiction Course Series, specifically for love/relationship addicts!
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