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The Breakthrough Recovery Course Series tailored specifically for love addicts.

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"Change occurs when one becomes what he/she is, not when he/she tries to become what he is not"
- A.Beisser-


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Jim Had the Greatest Impact on my Life

Jim Had the Greatest Impact on my Life

Just wanted to let you know that the sessions I've had with you, unquestionably, has had the greatest impact on my life. Over the years I've seen three therapists and two life coaches, yet talking with you is what made the entire difference. You helped me understand that the feelings and actions of my partner (ex now) was 'not about me'. Most of all you helped me believe in myself and realize I have the right to honor my wants and needs. Thanks so much for empowering my life- very very grateful.

~Anne (Massachusetts)

I Cannot Thank You Enough Jim. It has changed me.

I Cannot Thank You Enough Jim. It has changed me.

I wanted to thank you! You gave me the clarity I needed and could not find from any counselors I've been to over the years- and it has changed me. It's strange but I remember thinking how can a stranger help me when none of my family and friends who have known me for years can't. But you did and for that I am truly grateful. I am not sure of the ending but I know that I will never go back to that self sabotage version of me again.

~Pam (Dallas)

I never thought I could get over the Pain.

I never thought I could get over the Pain.

I never thought I would get over the pain from being with a narcissist for three years. Today, I can actually be alone without being lonely. You helped me see there is hope! You made me finally "get" that I no longer have to settle for crumbs and I know will have a great relationship when the time is right. I am worthy. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.

~Julie (Philadelphia)

From near total despair, to excited, full of hope and life! 

From near total despair, to excited, full of hope and life! 

Four months ago, I was in a state of near-total despair, after my avoidant partner had upped and left without warning. I couldn't see how to get on without him and could hardly function at all, even at work. I felt completely alone. However, the coaching you provided helped me put my life back together, assess my unhealthy patterns and I finally was able to let go with learning from you that I do have inherent value and self worth. I look back and cannot recognize the woman I was not too long ago. And, although I have yet to meet the healthy partner I know I deserve, I am convinced that he is just round the corner... I cannot thank you enough!!!

~Colleen (Los Angeles)

Love Addiction Coaching Made a Difference

Love Addiction Coaching Made a Difference

I figure that sometimes you might wonder what happens to some of your clients after you help them to reach deep inside. Well...I can say from personal experience that all that love addiction coaching (and some follow up) REALLY made a spectacular difference! You helped me drag out some serious skeletons that were haunting me and now they are gone and so peacefully put to rest!

All the best,

~Karen (New York)

Extremely Enlightening.

Extremely Enlightening.

Wow! The whole session with you was EXTREMELY enlightening Jim. I had counseling about these issues, but never have I learned in such a short time what you have taught me...I feel so much hope! Thank you again.

~Kasee (Montreal) 

Jim, your newsletter article was the mercy email that came in for me at the right time.  Articles are enlightening and I purchased the e books and I can't beleive how hopeful I feel today.   Honesty openness and willingness is the focus and the bottom lines for me. Thanks again for doing what you do. Today I will go easy on myself and know change is a is a choice and possible. 

~ Sue (Long Island)

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